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Your G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle is calling...

Are you in pursuit of purpose discovery? What if I told you PURPOSE was already IN you, like you were born with it?! Search no more & partner with us to begin living a life of (G)ratitude + (L)ove in your God-given (O)riginal design--and when you G.L.O, you WIN!

Founder & Visionary

A. LaShan

Multipointed Star

Birthed with an innate desire to defy cultural & generational odds, as life progressed, those odds fought back and the desire became more distant. Finding her identity in other's expectations; believing perfection was the only standard but continually falling short; while fear, complaints, anxiety and unhealed spaces became her norm--no matter what was accomplished externally.

On her personal Jesus + therapy journey, God revealed that the generation of women He called her to, was just like the woman He was healing in her. Starting with the woman in the mirror, she found her light and G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle was born.

This brand was birthed from the burden of women embracing their world-given identity versus walking in their God-given Original design. Through education and coaching, God entrusted her with the mantle of encouragement and igniting gratitude, while spreading the love of Christ.

Her life is to empower purposeful living shining from the inside out!!

G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle

Our Vision

G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle is created to help women pursue their God-given Original design through Purpose coaching and education. Our mission is to help women (re)discover their Identity (in Christ); to be Confidently present with Purpose in every room she enters.


Our clients will be able to...


Breakthrough identity barriers that produced paralyzing fear and imposture syndrome.


Increase spiritual and personal confidence through gratitude practices; creating and honoring boundaries and prioritizing spirit and self-care.


Shift mindsets to pursue excellence versus perfection while achieving purpose and goal-driven milestones.

Me Too Sis Movement:

Overcoming by Our Testimonies

The Me Too Sis Movement consists of a podcast and a community of women “Overcoming by Our Testimonies”. MTS was birthed to combat shame, guilt and condemnation that isolation brings. We overcome in courage, Truth and freedom through the exchange of our testimonies, relatable conversation and a space where we can all say, #MeTooSis!

The Me Too Sis Podcast

Conversation bridging faith + [millennial] adulting

Me Too Sis


Community discussions, engaging conversations and relatable stories. A space where every voice is heard and value as we discussed topics that resonate with you

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Services Offered

1:1 Life & Purpose


Dedicated to women seeking mental & life breakthroughs via discovery of their God-given identity and purpose

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Providing practical & spiritual tools to unlock life breakthroughs in group settings

Devotional Now Available!

Guide to Identity, Confidence, & Purpose According to God’s Reflection

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"[Present with Purpose Workshop was] Literally a life changing event. Such an incredible encounter. Thank you A. LaShan for actively walking in your purpose & igniting a fire within me & so many others!"

-A. Scott

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"The season finale [of The Me Too Sis Podcast] was good to me! I'm so glad you said "yes". It has shifted my life"

-Podcast Listener

G.L.O.WIN Testimonials

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"Safe places like [SisterCircle] are necessary for the development of individuality and sisterhood. I appreciated that."

-J. Jones

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"I have been coached by [GL] for four months now and it was so good I added on seven more sessions! [GL] truly holds up a mirror to you showing you who you are and where you’re at and talks you through how to get better. [GL] makes sure you hit each and every one [goal] during your time together. She offers tools in between sessions that really work if you put in the work. She’s so gracious, so humble and obeys the voice of God. I usually do not open up to people but it is so easy to talk to her and let everything out. Even if you're not a crier, you still need to grab a box of tissues sis because the water works are coming, in a good way. The many layers that covered my true self are broken off EVERY session we have. [GL] is a true gift and look forward to working with her all the more."

-K. Clark

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"Phenomenal job!! This event [Present with Purpose Workshop] was truly impactful & sparked a fire in me that definitely needed to be ignited. Thank you for being obedient sis & letting God use you in His good work! You are so qualified & equipped!"

-L. Ginwright

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"A podcast that's a breath of fresh air. Truly knows and speaks the heart of God, it's comforting! Keep putting out greatness!

-Podcast Listener

Multipointed Star